A number of exciting social activities and events are planned for TOURMAN 2019 Conference, including optional excursions and sightseeing; take a glimpse of the following…

Welcome reception

The welcome reception will take place on the evening of 24th October 2019 at Ursa Minor Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, offering stunning views of Thessaloniki and the sea (Thermaikos Gulf), with live music, local dance exhibition and a number of other surprising festivities!


Gala dinner

The gala dinner will take place on the evening of 26th October 2019 at Grand Pietra Hall, which is considered one of the largest and most impressive halls in Northern Greece, making it one of the best choices for significant conventions and top-end events. Its unique architecture and natural light are impressive and its history dates back to 1913. Local gastronomic specialities combined with live music and other festivities will provide conference delegates with an unforgettable experience!