The Conference Programme for TOURMAN 2021 is now available!


To download the Full Conference Programme in PDF file please click here. All times are Greece time (GMT+3)

To download the Full Conference Programme in Word file please click here. All times are Greece time (GMT+3)


CONFERENCE PROGRAM – All times are Greece time (GMT+3):


Friday 21 May 2021



All plenary sessions (opening ceremony, keynote speeches, executive panel discussion, presentation of destinations) will be accessible though live streaming at:


09:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony

  • Prof. Chryssoula Chatzigeorgiou, Chair of Organising Committee, International Hellenic University
  • Prof. Athanasios Kaisis, President of International Hellenic University
  • Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Republic of Greece (tbc)
  • Prof. Anestis Fotiadis, Co-Chair of Scientific Committee, Zayed University
  • Prof. Evangelos Christou, Co-Chair of Scientific Committee, International Hellenic University

Live streaming at:


Please address your questions to keynotes and speakers (during plenary sessions) at:



10:00-10:30 Keynote Speech: “How COVID-19 is changing peer-to-peer accommodation”

Sara Dolnicar, Research Professor in Tourism, ARC Australian Laureate Fellow and Slovenian Ambassador of Science, The University of Queensland, Australia.

Live streaming at:


10:30-11:00 Keynote Speech: “Niche Tourism and the quest for a better future”

Marina Novelli, Professor of Tourism and International Development at Brighton Business School,
University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Live streaming at:


11:00-11:30 Keynote Speech: “Tourism Research in a New Era”

Cathy Hsu, Chair Professor at School of Hotel and Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Live streaming at:


11:30-12:00 Keynote Speech: “Smart and ambient intelligence tourism in the post covid era”

Dimitrios Buhalis, Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialization in ICT, Smart Environments and Interactive Marketing. Professor, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

Live streaming at :


12:00-12:30 Keynote Speech: “A new tourism governance for a new time?”

Alfonso Vargas–Sánchez, Professor of Μanagement and Marketing, University of Huelva, Spain

Live streaming at:


12:30-13:00 Presentation of Destinations: “Region of Crete island”

Kyriakos Kotsoglou, Commissioner for Tourism Sector &  e-Governance, Region Of Crete

Maria Lavdaki, Head of Lassithi Tourism Department

Live streaming at:


13:00-15:00 Executive Panel Discussion “Restarting the global tourism industry: Strategies for the future”. Panel Topics: Session A: “The Global Policy Makers”, Session B: “Analysts and Futurists”

Panel Moderators:

  • Dimitrios Buhalis, Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialisation in ICT, Smart Environments and Interactive Marketing. Professor, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
  • Evangelos Christou, Tourism Marketing expert with specialisation in Heritage Tourism and e-Marketing. Professor and Dean, International Hellenic University, Greece

Panels and participants:

13:00-13:10 Airlines’ opportunities and challenges

  • Chris Tarry, Principal at CTAIRA – Global Aviation Trends

13:10-14:00 The Global Policy Makers

  • Alessandra Priante, Regional Director for Europe, UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation)              
  • Liu Shijun, Secretary General, WTA (World Tourism Alliance)                                     
  • Eduardo Santander, Executive Director & CEO, ETC (European Travel Commission)                                             
  • Dr Mario Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association)

14:00-14:40 Analysts and Futurists

  • Steve Hood, Senior Vice President of Research, STR (Smith Travel Research)
  • Luca Romozzi, Senior Director, Sojern Digital Marketing         
  • Alexander Goransson, Lead Analyst for Tourism, Euromonitor International

14:40-15:00 Tourism Strategies for the future

  • Lee Choon Loong, President/CEO, DISCOVERYMICE, Chairman of Asia Pacific Ecotourism Society
  • Sofia Zacharaki, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Republic of Greece (TBC)

Live streaming at:


15:00-16:00 Presentation of Destinations

Region of Western Greece, Dr. Lavrentios Vasileiadis, Head of Tourist Strategy Planning Division-

Region of North Aegean, Vasiliki Rodopoulou, Tourism Directorate of North Aegean Region

Live streaming at:




ROOM 1 AIR TRAVEL, Session Chair: Stephen Pratt PASS CODE 968518

137 Stephen Pratt, Justifying unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions: The take-off of flights to nowhere

295 Tingting Lee, Chen-Kuo Pai and Chunhui Cai, Exploring the Impact of Airport Self-service Technology Functions on Passengers’ Emotional and Functional value, and Satisfaction

353 Lucrezia Maria De Cosmo, Luigi Piper, Gianluigi Guido and Antonio Mileti, How to mitigate the effects of negative events in transport sector on tourism destination

384 Giuseppe Catenazzo and Ramesh Roshan Das Guru, Mitigating customers’ dissatisfaction with service failures: A case study on air travellers at the time of COVID-19

474 Vicka Samiun and Wei Chen, Consumers Behaviour and Experience towards Full-Service Carrier Airlines: A study on international students as travellers

12 Evangelos Kilipiris and Panagiotis Kargidis, Airport Digitalisation and Passenger Experience: Getting the Magic and the Revenues Back


ROOM 2 SPECIAL INTEREST TOURISM, Session Chair: Fotis Kilipiris PASS CODE 013510

431 Valeria Cocco, Virtual Experience as Alternative Form of Tourism

435 Samet Çevik and Semih Sarıipek, Memorable tourism experience in slow cities: A netnographic analysis in the case of Halfeti

66 Romina Alkier, Vasja Roblek and Vedran Milojica, Wellness tourism of Republic of Croatia-a chance for the recuperation of Croatian tourism in the post-COVID 19 period

93 Luzviminda Tugade, Memorable Tourism Experiences in BASECO Slums Based on Tripadvisor Reviews

135 Montserrat Iglesias and Laia Tonda, Post-pandemic domestic language tourism experiences in Spain

552 Zafer Türkmendağ, Perceived Value for Money and Services Satisfaction in Mountaineering Tourism

83 Evangelia Kasimati, Panagiota Dionysopoulou and Akrivi Diamantakou The impact of a mega sport event in the city of Athens: The case of the Authentic Marathon


ROOM 3 COVID 19 AND HOSPITALITY, Session Chair: Sofoklis Skoultsos PASS CODE 555386

73 Lambros Tsourgiannis, Stavros Valsamidis, Vasilios Zoumpoulidis and Christos Papachaviaris, Τhe use of Airbnb in COVID-19 era in Greece: An intergenerational analysis between Generation Z and Y.

110 Ronen Shay and Eli Cohen Are hotel shares really suffering of COVID-19 pandemic?

187 Chong Fo Lei, Xiaoye Li and Henrique F. Boyol Ngan Do cost-cutting measures matter in the COVID-19? An analysis of hospitality employees’ career perceptions

184 Arthur Huang and Mark Baker How US Covid-19 policies affected employment in small hospitality and tourism businesses

35 G.H.V. Harshani and J.P.R.C. Ranasinghe Challenges and Opportunities for Homestay Operators under COVID-19 New Normal Conditions: Evidence from Sri Lanka


ROOM 4 COVID 19 AND DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Giacommo Del Chiappa PASS CODE 968969

108 Blake ScottDaniel Guttentag, Robert Pitts and Wayne Smith, Time for a Reset? Post-Pandemic “Southern Hospitality” in Charleston, South Carolina

239 Sudeshna Ghosh, COVID-19 and the behaviour of sector-wise employment in the hospitality industry of the United States: Lessons from the shocks of past pandemics

306 Li Zhang, Post-pandemic era, Using the Kano Model to Study the Personalized Needs of “Smart Hotel” Customers-Take Chengdu City for example

547 Élmano Ricarte and Sofia Almeida, A snapshot of tourism and hospitality in Portugal during the COVID-19 pandemic

191 Yu Pan, Jian Ming Luo and Bill Xu, Research on tourist experience and recommendation intention of visiting theme park in post-COVID 19

127 Wendy Magangqaza and Dr Hilary Kennedy Nji Bama, The changing face of tourism in Africa in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic: a conceptual overview


ROOM 5 COVID 19 AND TOURISM, Session Chair: Anestis Fotiadis PASS CODE 378127

4 Anastasiya Golets, Jéssica Farias, Ronaldo Pilati and Helena Costa, COVID-19 pandemic and tourism: The impact of health risk perception and intolerance of uncertainty on travel intentions

5 Stathis Polyzos, Aristeidis Samitas and Anastasia Spyridou, Tourism Demand and the COVID-19 Pandemic: An LSTM Approach

20 Romina Alkier, Goran Perić and Vedran Milojica, Croatian tourism in the COVID-19 pandemic-current state and developmental perspectives

111 Tahir Albayrak and Meltem Caber, Tourist behaviours at Covid-19 pandemic

154 Martinette Kruger and Adam Viljoen, Considering Our Visitor Industry’s Dispossession: Supplier perspectives on COVID-19

493 Ahmet Usakli, Passenger perceptions of airport COVID-19 measures: Effects on perceived airport safety and satisfaction

164 Arthur Huang, Melissa Jahromi and Aarash Baktash, Understanding the relationship between Restaurants’ Safety Violations and COVID-19 Transmission


ROOM 6 COVID 19 AND TRAVEL, Session Chair: Nikolaos Trihas PASS CODE 495027

71 Sharon Teitler Regev and Shosh Shahrabani, Health precaution while traveling after COVID-19

87 Burçin Kırlar-Can and Mehmet Ertaş, Travelers’ risk perception, travel behavior and travel intention during the “Coronavirus”

91 Samby Fready and Noela Michael, Post COVID-19 motivations for domestic travel

101 Eran Ketter, Tourism resilience, demand and COVID-19: the effects of the pandemic on European travel sentiment

142 Rossella Baratta, Vania Vigolo, Francesca Simeoni and Sonia Andrich, Perceived risks and future travel intentions: The experience of solo female travelers

147 Nikolaos Trihas, Konstantinos Vassakis, Ioannis Kopanakis, John Makridis, Yannis Nikoloudakis, Ioannis Kefaloukos, Evangelos Pallis and Evangelos Markakis, Travel behaviour and holiday intentions during the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece

168 Cláudia Seabra, Carla Silva and Manuel Reis, Gender and Safety Perceptions to Travel within COVID-19 Pandemic Context


ROOM 7 CULTURE AND HERITAGE TOURISM, Session Chair: Eleni Mavragani PASS CODE 148856

521 Antonella Garofano, Francesco Izzo, Enrico Bonetti and Barbara Masiello, Destination branding through storytelling: the role of entrepreneurs in the development of industrial tourism

525 Marcello Atzeni and Giacomo Del Chiappa, Authenticity, satisfaction, behavioural intentions and intention to visit in VR heritage tourism: a cluster analysis

531 Xinge Liao, Dolores Sánchez Aguilera and Francesc Xavier Roigé, Ventura Image of Barcelona for Chinese Cultural Tourism and Heritage Tourism Based on User-Generated Content

566 Ana Matias, Luís Cardoso and Ana Marcelo, Cultural Heritage and Industrial Tourism: a marketing approach to the case of Center of Portugal

580 Shahd Hamdan and Park Beede, Instagram advertising for museum marketing: Testing alternative advertising appeals to attract visitors


ROOM 8 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Georgios Kokkinis PASS CODE 943784

69 Dinusha Madhushani, Ruwan Ranasinghe and Dhananjaya Nawarathana, Impacts of organized commercial events on local community in Sri Lanka: Event manager’s perspective

100 Víctor Ernesto Pérez León, Ignacio Contreras Rubio and José Manuel Ramírez-Hurtado, Non-compensatory composite indicator to measure destination sustainability in Cuba

151 Gabor Michalko, Damla Bal and Éva Erdélyi Szabóné, Repositioning tourism milieu of Budapest for the post-Covid-19: Visual content analysis

166 Carla Silva, Cláudia Seabra, Andreia Pereira, José Luís Abrantes and Manuel Reis, Residents’ Perceived Image of Rural Areas: A Generational Analysis

197 Alvaro Dias, Rui Silva, Mafalda Patuleia and João Estêvão, A panel analysis of tourism entrepreneurship revitalisation

318 Georgios Kokkinis, Spyrοs Avdimiotis and Evangelos Christou, Thessaloniki DMO: A Business Model Approach.

328 Evangelia Xyptera, Efthymia Sarantakou and Alexios Patapios Kontis, Exploring the impacts of COVID-19 on tourists’ behavioral patterns. The case of Pieria – Olympus Coastline


ROOM 9 DESTINATION MARKETING, Session Chair: Alexandros Apostolakis PASS CODE 936304

116 Tek Yew Lew, Fayrene Yew Leh Chieng and Ying Ying Tiong, Destination loyalty behaviour of wellness tourists: The destination image perspective

136 Deep Jyoti Gurung, Vanessa Gaitree Gowreesunkar and Chandan Goswami, Comparative analysis of user-generated destination image and conventional destination image Sikkim (India) as Case Study

205 Catarina Calisto de Freitas and Ricardo Godinho Bilro, Does Tourist’s Engagement Influence Destination Loyalty? An Analysis of Turismo do Centro de Portugal

310 Agisilaos Konidaris, Ourania Stellatou and Spyros E. Polykalas, Destination Marketing decisions based on Online Visitor Survey data

319 Lachin Namaz, City Brand Loyalty: How do in(out)siders experience it in Budapest?


ROOM 10 EXPERIENCE DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Aikaterini Stavrianea PASS CODE 575761

76 Jessica Mei Pung, Giacomo Del Chiappa, Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore and Craig Lee, Developing a tourist transformation scale

161 Tien-Ming Cheng and Wei-Hsiang Lien, Will co-creation experiences increase the positive memory of tourists? The role of interactive quality

192 Thays Cristina Domareski Ruiz and Franciele Cristina Manosso, How to use sentiment analysis in tourism research: a systematic and bibliometric review

225 Effimia Papaefthimiou, Charilaos Kalpidis, Aristides Katsaitis, Efthymia Sarantakou and Paris Tsartas, A sustainable tourism developmental model focusing on the experience of the walking paths of Amani

226 Ksenia Stakhanova, Anna Pototskaya, Polina Chervakova, Margarita Lyuledzhyan and Anastasia Yanakevich, Experiential marketing in a gastronomic attraction: the case of a teahouse




ROOM 1 COVID 19 AND TOURISM, Session Chair: Nicholas Karachalis PASS CODE 968518

10 Mirela Tase and Manjola Xhaferri, Covid 19: Challenges and Prospects for the Future in the Tourism Industry. Case Study Albania

13 Risto Rechkoski, Legal instruments for helping tourism sector in N. Macedonia during COVID19

70 Soultana Papantina and Nicholas Karachalis, Exploring the main elements of a post Covid- 19 destination management and branding strategy for the city of Kastoria

105 Loredana Dragomir, Adriana Gîrniceanu and Mirela Mazilu, New metamorphosis of tourism in the pandemic

126 Gozdegul Baser, Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on tourism in Turkey

200 Kumar Bhatta and Prakash Gautam, Determinants of Nepalese tourists’ decision making during COVID-19: A probit analysis

241 Deniza Alieva, Friend or professional contact? Impact of Covid-19 on professional networks in tourism industry


ROOM 2 CULTURE AND HERITAGE TOURISM, Session Chair: Dimitria Papadopoulou PASS CODE 013510

182 Işıl Arıkan Saltık and Filiz Gümüş Dönmez, The impact of socio-demographics on film tourism satisfaction of local residents: The case of Muğla

183 Julie Jie Wen and Qingqing Lin, Living with Colours and Pride: Tourism, Ethnicity, and Gender in Yunnan, China

230 Hania Janta, Switzerland and the Bollywood Film Industry: the changing relations between film production and tourism

254 Tao Huang and Yang Zhang, An Extended Attitudinal Loyalty Modeling of Roots Tourism in China: The Mediating Role of Sense of Sacredness and Belonging

264 Marica Mazurek, Wine and cultural tourism as one of niche tourism opportunities in Canada and Slovakia

276 Ioannis Vardopoulos, Instagram users survey research and data analysis anent adaptive reuse tourism potential

302 Christopher Hayes, Kyoto as “authentic” Japan: Overtourism, undertourism, and post-Covid opportunities



395 Fokiya Akhtar, Noela Michael and Ayesha Kalban, Representation of Dubai – a case of Film Induced Tourism.

460 Gianluca Goffi, Giacomo Del Chiappa and Linda Osti, Stewardship of Tourism Resources in Island Destinations: A Demand Perspective in Gallura

481 Sara García-Altmann and Raúl Hernández-Martín, The characteristics of small island states facing the COVID-19 crisis

539 Rogelio Jr Flores and Carlos Costa, Capacity development for Sustainable destinations: A Collaborative Approach

553 Łukasz Quirini-Popławski, Natalia Tomczewska-Popowycz and Sławomir Dorocki, Ups and downs of tourism in Ukraine: the Unobserved Component Model approach

559 Sergio Alvarez, Frida Bahja and Alan Fyall, Identifying Destination Vulnerability to Hazards: A Framework for DMO Involvement

562 Brenno Vitorino, Costa City cards, transport, and tourism: A study in developing countries cities



352 Maria Irene Prete, Luigi Piper, Lucrezia Maria De Cosmo, Antonio Mileti, Gianluigi Guido and Luca Barlettano, Push and pull factors as determinants of destination loyalty

440 David Ross and Daniela Fantoni Alvares, How has destination marketing adapted in Covid19 pandemic times? The case of the Azores islands, Portugal

463 Georgios Tsekouropoulos and Dimitrios Theocharis, Consumer Based Destination Branding in Small Sized Cities

556 Dylan Valente and Rui Costa, Components of a tourist destination in the perceived image and in intention of revisit and recommendation

577 Eleni Kilipiri and Eugenia Papaioannou, Role of Social Media and Ιnfluencer Marketing in the attractiveness of Tourism Destinations using Location Based Social Media Data



227 Olga Anton and Alexander Pakhalov, Escape Zoom: Does the Remote Format of Escape Rooms Change Visitors’ Experience?

269 Ekaterina Marfina and Alexander Pakhalov, Let’s Eat Dinner Apart: Physical Distancing and Restaurant Experience

323 Daniela Buzova, Silvia Sanz-Blas and Amparo Cervera-Taulet, Investigating the dynamics of emotional value co-creation in a guided tour experience

350 Dina Amaro, Ana Caldeira and Cláudia Seabra, Fuelling the restart of tourism through transformational academic tourism: a conceptual model

354 Aikaterini Stavrianea, Memorable Tourism Experiences dimensions: Assessing their effects on revisit intentions.

490 Anna Irimiás and Serena Volo, Future Food Tourism: Instagram, Top Chefs and Food Experiences


ROOM 6 HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, Efstathios Velissariou PASS CODE 495027

25 Mohamed A. Nassar, Mohamed Kamal and Hamada Hassan, Customer acceptance of self service technology in five-star hotels in Egypt

65 Atila Yüksel, Mirela Cristea and Graţiela Georgiana Noja, Transpersonal Research: Consciousness in a Rite de Passage

122 Craig Webster and Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis, The post Covid-19 hotel rebound and the current landscape: Lessons from the Midwest

124 Vasilis Mpassias, Almpertos Azaria and Vasiliki Vrana, Establishment of the first gaming hotel concept in Greece

177 Spyros Avdimiotis, Andreanna Tragouda and Fotis Kilipiris, SECI Model Questionnaire Validation for Hospitality Establishments

248 Anil Gupta, Nikita Dogra and Honeyka Mahajan, Switching from Hotels to Peer-to-Peer Accommodation: A Push-Pull-Mooring Model Perspective

334 Evangelia Mandrinou, Eleni Mavragani and Maria Argyropoulou, The concept of dark tourism, visitors’ motivation and the entailed dissonance in sites representation



203 Tafadzwa Matiza and Martinette Kruger Travel motivation and willingness to pay in the era of COVID-19: Profiling the South African domestic tourist

231 Romario Loffredo de Oliveira Veganism and tourism from the perspective of consumer culture theory

262 Erdogan Ekiz and Aril Cansel Predecessors of C2C Marketing for Accommodation Services in an Islamic Society: Case of Sidi Bouzid Key Shakers

277 Antonios Giannopoulos, Christos Livas and Chara Achlada Is destination image instagrammable? Co-creating value through Social Media Content

309 Andreia Pereira, Cláudia Seabra and Ana Caldeira Perceived Physical Hazards and Urban Tourism Consumption: A Theoretical Approach

517 Ana Filipa Maia and Rui Costa Branding in the hotel industry…belonging or not? The both sides of the ‘coin’



16 Charalampos Giousmpasoglou, Evangelia Marinakou and Anastasios Zopiatis The impact of COVID-19 in luxury hotels: the case of Greece and Cyprus

165 Nompumelelo Nzama and Ikechukwu O. Ezeuduji Gender Nuances in Tourism Entrepreneurship: Traditional Societal Perceptions and Access to Capital

240 Vikas Kumar and Manisha Gupta Anthropomorphic Robots in Restaurant; the Opinion of Gen-Z

325 Kitti Hiezl and Szilvia Kardos A two-sided analysis of the effects of technological changes in the hospitality service experience

378 Margarida Carvalho, Diogo Gomes, Maria Castel-Branco and Michelle Moraes Perceived performance and advanced technologies in Tourism

471 Pearl Sifolo and Philisiwe Molefe Evaluating the relationship within the value chain of SMMTE’s in Pretoria, South Africa

523 Joana Rodrigues, Manuel Monteiro, Matilde Madeira, Patrícia Godinho, Michelle Moraes and Sofia Lopes, Advanced technologies and tourist services: The customers’ perspetive



23 Sunil Budhdeo and Eleni Anoyrkati Supporting smart tourism through smart mobility schemes: UK Coventry City of Culture

109 Alain Imboden, Sandra Grezes, Michael Fux, Dominique Fumeaux and Emmanuel Fragnière Piloting A Digital Maturity Model for Smart Destinations

148 Spyros Avdimiotis, Panagiotis Moschotoglou, Evangellos Christou and Apostolos Karakitsios Thessaloniki Tourism Blockchain Pilot Project

153 Stavros Valsamidis, Ioannis Petasakis, Stefanos Nikolaidis and Athanasios Mandilas Τhe impact of new technologies on hospitality industry in COVID-19 era

198 Ricardo Bolzán and Luiz Mendes-Filho Tourism Datafication: Politics and Ethics of Data-Driven Tourism in a Smartization Context

201 Estrella Diaz, Águeda Esteban, Rocio Carranza, Carlos Sánchez-Camacho and David Martín-Consuegra Technology in the hospitality and tourism literature. Looking back and looking forward

551 Maria Teresa Manzarra and Ana Caldeira Reimagining tourism through the digital identity scope: empirical evidence from the Portuguese market



298 Consuelo Griggio and Owe Ronström, Mediatized place. The 2020 online edition of the Medieval Week in Visby, Gotland (Sweden)

356 Carla Silva, Elisabeth Kastenholz, José Luís Abrantes and Manuel Reis, Segmenting Residents’ Perceptions towards Tourism Impacts in Mountains Areas

377 Khusen Ibragimov, José Perles-Ribes and Ana Ramón-Rodríguez, Measuring sustainable tourism, Central Asian case

381 Silvia Grandi, Sandy MacDonald and Aliya Tankibayeva, Changing role of rural tourism in post-pandemic tourism: comparative study of Italy and Kazakhstan

394 Teresa Costa, Maria de Lurdes Calisto, Sandra Nunes and Margarida Dias, How to promote sustainable development and overcome Covid19 in Sea Tourism: A review of the literature on social networks and crisis

412 Giacomo Del Chiappa and Marcello Atzeni, Profiling residents based on their perceptions and attitude toward climate change: insights from an island tourism destination


Saturday 22 May 2021




ROOM 1 COVID 19 AND TOURISM, Session Chair: Hillary Becker PASS CODE 968518

222 Hilary Becker Opening the Cuban Tourism Industry: Post Covid-19

234 Petra Gyurácz-Németh and Dirk-Jan F. Kamann Sensemaking in Corona time: ownership and network embeddedness

237 Yinhe Quan Possibility of Fusion of Disaster Prevention Knowledge and Tourism Information: For Foreigners Visiting Japan

340 Martin Falk, Eva Hagsten and Xiang Lin Reversed domestic tourism behaviour in the Covid-19 summer of 2020

346 Monika Klímová, Ľubomír Kmeco and Josef Vacl The negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the activities of Czech mini-breweries

245 Stelios Ioannidis, Gavriil Kampouroglou and Aikaterini Larisaiou Retrospect and visions of the COVID-19 pandemic in the tourism industry: the case of Magnesia, Greece


ROOM 2 COVID 19 AND TRAVEL, Session Chair: Peter Vlachos PASS CODE 013510

313 Maria Doumi, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Stelios Ioannidis and Ioannis Vellios Understanding the effects of Covid-19 on the travel behaviour of Greece’s inhabitants

189 Marco Scholtz and Kaat De Ridder Brace for impact! Creating an understanding of the initial impact on Flemish peoples’ travel behaviour perceptions during the first 2020 lockdown.

216 Stefania D. Escobar, Lingling Huang and Sonia Messori “I am not travelling there!” Tourists´ changing preferences amid COVID-19

279 Tai Ming Wut and Mike Kan, Tourist travel behaviour in post-COVID period – extending the theory of planned behaviour

443 Alessandra Souza Queiroz Melo, Francinete da Silva Guilherme and Elídio Vanzella The revitalization of the pedestrian route for the resumption of post-pandemic tourism

452 Michael Lever and Statia Elliot Navigating Shifts in Travel-Based Social Media Behaviours During and Beyond Covid-19

478 Kerem Kaptangil and Kubra Asan The Mediating Role of Perceived Risk in the Impact of Tourist Behavior on Liminoid Behavior in the Covid-19 Pandemic


ROOM 3 CULTURE AND HERITAGE TOURISM, Session Chair: Efi Kalampoukidou PASS CODE 555386

329 Evinc Dogan Accessing culture from home, safe mobilities along heritage tails: A paradox research

330 Efi Kalampoukidou Guiding in the Silk and Dark Routes of Europe

413 Małgorzata Pstrocka-Rak, Sylwia Dołzbłasz, Andrzej Raczyk, Krzysztof Janc and Anna Grochowska The past for the future. Significance of cultural heritage for the future tourist development in the disadvantaged areas.

424 Ahmet Aslan and Orhan Akova The Perception of Service Quality of Museum Visitors, The Effect of Museum Experience and Perceived Value on Satisfaction: The Case of Bartın City Museum


ROOM 4 HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Chris Vassiliadis PASS CODE 968969

578 Antonia Delistavrou and Irene Tilikidou Greek Travellers’ Decision to Prefer Green Hotels is a Planned, Structural Behaviour

371 Alexandros Apostolakis, Korina Daniil and Markos Kourgiantakis The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Locals; The Case of the Hospitality Sector in Crete

451 Karin Högberg Resilience in leadership during crisis – a study of the hotel industry

500 Chris Vassiliadis, Anestis Fotiadis and Evangelos Christou A fuzzy approach proposal to strengthen the usefulness of HoQ based tourism management decisions; A case study from the hotel industry

501 Beatriz Silva, Maria Inês Ramos, Pilar Marreiro, Yuliya Andrukh, Michelle Moraes and Sofia Lopes Smart hotel and sustainability: What do customers think?

503 Beatriz Gaspar and Rui Costa How the role of language and the country of origin affects online hotel ratings? Which one prevails?

575 Ιordanis Kotzaivazoglou, Costas Assimakopoulos and Alexandros Spanopoulos Using Facebook page as a communication and stakeholders’ engagement tool for 5* hotels


ROOM 5 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Theodoros Stavrinoudis PASS CODE 378127

58 Zulqurnain Ali Understanding and Predicting the Antecedents of Workplace Mistreatment in Hospitality Sector: A Two Staged Hybrid SEM-ANN Approach

62 Vasilios Zoumpoulidis, Antonios Kostas, Ioannis Tsoukalidis and Stavros Valsamidis Seasonal tourism and employment. The case of the island of Thasos.

94 Theodoros Stavrinoudis, Christos Kakarougkas and Chrysoula Vitzilaiou Leadership and motivation of human resources in times of crisis

106 Evangelia Marinakou and Ilias Fanourios Kallitsis A critical analysis of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Resources Management (HRM) in luxury hotels.

196 Songling Chang and Eva Erdelyi Transition to sustainable hospitality recovery: the impact of green HR practices and CSR to staff behavior

215 Viola Horváth and Zsófia Kenesei Employee journey: a new approach to attracting talent in the tourism sector in the shadow of COVID-19



251 Sandeep Kumar Dey, Hung Vo Viet, Quynh Giao Ngoc Pham and Huynh Thai Hoc Enganging virtual reality technology to determine pro-environmental behavior traits among eco-tourists

316 Tércio Pereira, Pablo Limberger and Carlos Ardigó Chatbots and purchase intention: the moderating effect of the need to interact with the employment service.

322 Daria Sarti and Marina Gigliotti Digitalization and Events: Friends or Foes?

338 Dimitria Papadopoulou, Ivor Ambrose, Selvakumar Ramachandran and Vijayalakshmi Subramani Virtual Reality in Cultural Tourism: sustainability, accessibility and resilience

380 João Pedro Pebre, Márcio Carvalho, Miguel Vieira and Michelle Moraes The importance of advanced technologies and the replacement of human resources: the point of view of tourists

444 Theodosios Tsiakis The Impact of the GDPR on data privacy and security in the Hotel Industry

482 Adamantia Pateli, Panos Kourouthanassis, Maria Nikopoulou and Giota Chasapi Digital transformation for resilient tourism: Evidence from the Greek hospitality industry


ROOM 7 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Anthia Bakalbassi PASS CODE 148856

82 Charalampos Giousmpasoglou and Dzung Dinh The intention to use Contactless Mobile Payment in the Vietnamese restaurant industry

140 Jian Ming Luo, Yulan Fan and Ziye Shang Critical success factors of entertainment tourism in Macau

281 Kaplan Uğurlu, Bayram Akay and Sevda Demirel The Effect of COVID-19 on Operating Costs: The Perspective of Hotel Managers in Antalya, Turkey

519 Catarina Azenha, Inês Carmo, Inês Bastos, Teresa Hermenegildo, Matilde Pereira, Michelle Moraes and Sofia Lopes The use of technologies during a tourist experience: Positive and negative aspects

522 Laura Lopes, Rita Sequeira, Sara Almeida, Michelle Moraes and Sofia Lopes Technologies and sustainability in tourism: Is it a win-win relationship?

579 Kristallenia Gavriilidou and Anthia Bakalbassi Current approaches of hospitality management. Case study: Le Palace Art Hotel & Ammon Express.



48 Eleni Anoyrkati, Vladislav Maras and Stefania Paladini, Delivering sustainable tourism with active mobility solutions: a comparative analysis of schemes, practices and policies

95 Iliana Sanmartin-Rojas and Francesc González-Reverté, Sustainability and hotel competitiveness facing of Covid-19

97 Bipithalal Balakrishnan Nair, The new normal through the transition of rural tourism

167 Danielle Robinson, Culture in, for, and as sustainability: Food tourism perspectives

169 Joanne Lobrino and Ephraimuel Jose Abellana, The Province of Bataan, Philippines as a Potential Food Hub Amidst the Pandemic: Basis for Food Chain Model

176 Noelle O’Connor and Philip Brown, An investigation into the attitudes of key Tourism Providers regarding ‘carbon-neutral’ tourism in County Clare, Ireland

252 Maria Kleinaki and Anna Kyriakaki, Planning a Sustainable Tourism Destination Focusing on Tourists’ Expectations, Perceptions and Experiences

268 Ying Ying Tiong, Tek Yew Lew and Yew Leh Fayrene Chieng, Unsustainable Tourism in Post Covid-19? No Way! The Future of Tourism Destinations Post-Pandemic



8 Alaa Abukhalifeh and Jiang Wang, Tourism and Hospitality students’ Evaluate Course-Level Learning: A Mann-Whitney U Test

19 Susina Jooste and Willy Engelbrecht, Promoting employability of hospitality management students in COVID-19 in South Africa

90 Devkant Kala, Tourism & hospitality students’ attitude towards the use of robots in service organizations: A qualitative study in India

119 Noelle O’Connor, The incorporation of active learning strategies within travel and tourism education – An Irish case study

173 Michael Anastasiou, eCOVID-19: A digital teaching transformation outbreak in higher hospitality education.

180 Anette Oxenswärdh, Innovative solution offered by the students for sustainable destination development

194 Constantinos Papadopoulos and Anastasios Zopiatis, Student Expectations and Perceived Readiness: The Case of Hospitality Internships in Cyprus



30 Omer Sarac, Vahit Oguz Kiper and Orhan Batman, Development of Smart Hotels in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Process

50 Glykeria Myrovali, Maria Morfoulaki and Kornilia Maria Kotoula, The after COVID-19 tourism day for Thessaloniki, GR

77 Parameswaran Rajini and Dr.Ruwan Ranasinghe, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Tourism on residents’ Quality of Life: Evidence from coastal communities of Eastern Province

157 Robert Malmare, Alexandru Dobrescu and Mirela Mazilu, Romanian tourism in 2021-rise or fall?

159 Politimi Markogiannaki, Nikolaos Tzimos and Evangelos Kiriakou, Developing diving tourism in Eastern Chalkidiki. Implications and prospects in a characterized mining area

160 Christina Kalogirou and Efstathios Velissariou, Cross-border Tourism between Greece and Albania

178 Panteleimon Karamalis and Athanasios Vasilopoulos, Medical Tourism and Digital Innovation as a Growth Lever




All plenary sessions (opening ceremony, keynote speeches, executive panel discussion, presentation of destinations) will be accessible though live streaming at:


10:30-11:00 Presentation of Destinations: Thessaloniki

Maria Poulouktsi, Operations Manager, Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation

Live streaming at:


11.00-11.30 Keynote Speech: “What is the Role of Science Fiction in Tourism Research? Theories, Disruption, Archetypes and the Futures”

Ian Yeoman, Professor of Tourism, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Live streaming at:


11:30-12:00 Keynote Speech: “Automation technologies in shaping tourism and hospitality in the post-viral world”

Stanislav Ivanov, Professor of Tourism Economics and Vice-Rector (Research), Varna University of Management, Bulgaria

Live streaming at:


12:00-12:30 Keynote Speech: “Service Failure, Service Recovery and Branding in Tourism”

Cleopatra Veloutsou, Professor of Brand Management, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Live streaming at:


12:30-13:00 Keynote Speech: “A critical apologetic assessment of heritage tourism studies”

Yaniv Poria, Professor of Heritage Tourism and Chair of the Department of Hotel & Tourism Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Live streaming at:


13:00-14:00 Presentation of Destinations

Region of Thessaly, Anastasios Goussios, Tourism Development Consultant, Alpha Marketing

Region of Epirus, Ioulia Markoula, Director of Tourism Region of Epirus

Live streaming at:




ROOM 1 COVID 19 AND TOURISM, Session Chair: Anestis Fotiadis PASS CODE 968518

390 Philip Dietschi The human touch of Virtual Events

396 Ana Sofia Coelho, José Paulo Costa, Sandra Brás and Oliva Martins Identifying new opportunities from the pandemic crisis

406 Fernanda Oliveira, Maria Sofia Lopes and Sofia Eurico How far have impacts of COVID-19 outbreak changed Portuguese Tourists’ consumption patterns?

408 Mariana Casal-Ribeiro and Rita Peres Impacts of COVID-19 in Lisbon Tourist Destination

453 Aleksandra Terzić, Biljana Petrevska and Dunja Demirović Bajrami Personallities and Politics – prospects for outbound tourism in the pandemic blurred 2021

467 Sofia Almeida, Susana Mesquita, Ana Ramires and Inês Carvalho The Covid-19 impacts through the lens of tourist experts

502 Leylane Bertoldo de Campos, Felipe Gomes Do Nascimento and Adriana Brambilla Creativity and tourism in the pandemic period: the case of the rural community chã de jardim


ROOM 2 CULTURE AND HERITAGE TOURISM, Session Chair: Stella Kladou PASS CODE 013510

6 Lombuso Precious Shabalala and Ikechukwu O. Ezeuduji Community Involvement and participation in Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage Tourism: A case from South Africa

28 Rupa Sinha and Ahmad Albattat Community Development through sustainable endorsement of Gastronomy Tourism: An Ethnographic Study

40 Zakmalisa Erna Md Zaki, Ahmad Albattat, Syahir Munir Ismail Munir and Puteri Shaza Sharina Kadir, Tourist Expectation and Tourist Satisfaction of Penang War Museum

121 Vaia Papanikolaou, Yiannis Roussakis and Panagiotis Tzionas, Unveiling Post-truth politics in Dark Tourism site Management

128 Stella Kladou and Nikolaos Trihas, Gastro-cultural identity and branding: Acknowledging the goose that lays the golden egg

146 Quyen Le Thi To, Nhi Phan Thi, Ba Nguyen Thi Be, Tien Ly My, Phuong Nguyen Thi Huynh Phuong, Duyen Nguyen Thi My and Khanh Cao My Khanh The Cultural Impact of Tourism Development on local community. A case study at Sa Dec Flower’s village, Dong Thap province, Vietnam


ROOM 3 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Spyros Avdimiotis PASS CODE 555386

261 Ali Sukru Cetinkaya The Relationship Between Employee Complaints and Types of Mobbing at Workplaces

344 Omar Jawabreh, Ra’Ed Masa’deh, Mohammad Al Btoush and Osama Abu Hmaid Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Performance: A Moderating Effect of Work Status in Restaurant Employees in Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA)

365 Erika Zeelie The changing tourism patterns effect on employees within the tourism lodging sector in South Africa

449 Gönül Kaya Özbag and Tülay Polat Üzümcü Psychologıcal Empowerment and Organizational Commitment; Evidence from the Tourism Industry in Turkey

574 Spyros Avdimiotis, Ioanna Leontaridou and Costas Assimakopoulos Required skills for a spa management professional



26 Kasun Shanthasiri and Dr.Ruwan Ranasinghe, Tourism and transition of indigenous cultures: with two dispersed indigenous communities in Sri Lanka

112 Christos Konstantinidis, Christos Mystridis and Eirini Tsagkalidou, The religious tourism as a competitive advantage of the Prefecture of Pieria.

193 Nompumelelo Linda and Antonia Thandi Nzama, The potential of African religious pilgrimages as a tool for tourism development in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

223 Xinhong Hai, Saloomeh Tabari and Wei Chen, An exploratory study on the dining motivations of Halal restaurants in China

303 Darius Liutikas, Restarting Tourism: Resilience and Adaptability of Pilgrimage

509 Horatiu V. Borza, Ionut C. Cazan and Smaranda A. Cosma, Adaptative Facebook Communication of Orthodox Entities in Covid-19 Context



432 Paulin Poh Lin Wong and Balvinder Kaur Kler, Return of the Tourists: A New Hope for Destination Sustainability

439 Ana Maria Caldeira, Elisabeth Kastenholz and Alexia Silva, Sensory-rich experiences in wine terroirs across space and time: evidence from a Portuguese wine route

514 Maria Elisabete Silva, Pedro Neves, Patricia Araújo, Isabel Brás and Marco Fernandes, Carbon Footprint of Tourism sector in Portugal – Calculator development

541 Jose Pablo Abeal Vazquez, Pilar Tirado-Valencia and Mercedes Ruiz-Lozano, Sustainability, indicators and tourism intelligence: the case of urban tourism

542 Angel Mena-Nieto, Charles Estay-Ossadon, Sergio Pereira dos Santos and Laura Mena-Gonzalez, Analysis of the fulfilment of the European goals for the generation of municipal solid waste in the Balearic Islands.


ROOM 6 TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY EDUCATION, Session Chair: Iordanis Kotzaivazoglou PASS CODE 495027

219 Georgios Linaroudis, Chrysoula Chatzigeorgiou, Evangelos Christou and Fotis Kilipiris, Tourism consciousness in the educational process: A survey among professors concerning structural aspects

289 Marcin Olszewski, University-industry relationships in tourism – a signalling theory approach

445 Paula Nejašmić, Petra Barišić and Zvjezdana Hendija, The impact of COVID-19 on Tourism Education: The Example of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business

511 Şirvan Şen Demir, Mahmut Demir and Onur Aktürk, The effects of teaching techniques on learning in tourism distance education during the Covid-19

543 Philisiwe Lorraine Molefe and Portia Pearl Siyanda Sifolo, Responding to Challenges of Tourism Educators: The case of Amajuba Department of Education in Newcastle, South Africa.



181 Panagiota Dionysopoulou, Evangelia Kasimati and Anastasia Troumpa, Comparative Study of Legislative Regulations Concerning Tourist Consumption

206 Besarta Vladi and Kejda Nuhu, Innovation in tourism as a strategy for blue tourism development in albania

299 Alexander Balzan and Ana Carolina Arboleda Gallo, The role of local administrations in the reactivation of tourism. Case study: CBT in Medellín, Colombia.

324 Despina Dimelli, Tourism and urban conservation in historic centers: The case of Chania

359 Eva Rachmawati, Empowerment in tourism context: Developing vs Developed Country

369 Joanna Rakowska, Iwona Pomianek and Irena Ozimek, Regional differentiation of priorities and the use of EU funds for the development of tourism in Poland


ROOM 8 TRAVEL AND LEISURE, Session Chair: Panagiotis Kassianidis PASS CODE 943784

3 Anish Yousaf, Abhishek Mishra and Insha Amin, Autonomous/controlled motivations for youth travellers: A self-determination theory perspective

59 Anita Aina and Ikechukwu O. Ezeuduji, Generation Z attitude towards domestic tourism: a case of KwaZulu-Natal

60 Rashmi Rodrigo, Ruwan Ranasinghe and Dhananjaya Nawarathne, Package Tour Satisfaction and Successful Holiday Experience: Package Outbound Tourists’ Perspective in Sri Lanka

207 Martin Falk and Gudrun Helgadottir, Determinants for the withdrawal of companies in the tourism and leisure industry from the UN Global Compact programme

209 Kubra Asan and Emre Ozan Aksoz, Bicycle touring experiences as a social inclusion activity for visually disabled individuals

224 Claudio Milano, Tourism and (im)mobilities in tourist city. Tackling Barcelona tourism monoculture in times of crisis.

288 Hezi Israeli, Personal organized tours as a compromise between organized tour packages and individual tourism

508 Eva Hagsten and Martin Falk, Pricing of virtual academic conferences


ROOM 9 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Prokopis Christou PASS CODE 936304

61 Lambros Tsourgiannis, Stavros Valsamidis, Vasilios Zoumpoulidis and Fotini Perdiki How COVID -19 affected Baby Boomers’ touristic attitudes in Greece?

79 Suzanne Amaro and David Oliveira Determinants of Intentions to Use Near Field Communication Mobile Payments in a Pandemic Context

143 Spyridon Mamalis, Irene Kamenidou, Ifigeneia Mylona, Aikaterini Vassilikopoulou and Evangelia Zoi Bara Gender and age differences in destination image evaluation: the case of Drama, Greece

246 Justine Barton-Harvey, Cristina Lupu, Giacomo Del Chiappa and Martina Gonzalez-Gallarza Erasmus -driven destination experience and students’ ambassadorship behavior: a multi-stakeholder perspective

376 Yangyang Jiang, Nikolaos Stylos and Fangzhe Hong Delineating Generation Z travelers’ place attachment within a night urban tourism context: A consumption values perspective

399 Vandita Hajra and Arun Aggarwal Unveiling the antecedents of senior citizens’ behavioral intentions to travel : A mixed-method approach

401 Shampy Kamboj and Manita Matharu Understanding guests’ behavior for green hotels: The moderating role of Involvement




ROOM 1 COVID 19 AND TOURISM, Session Chair: Ifigeneia Mylona PASS CODE 968518

363 Fayrene Chieng, Ying Ying Tiong and Tek Yew Lew From Stay in Touch to Stay in Tech: Enhancing Tourist Engagement through Smart Tourism Technology

540 Susana Silva and Paulo Carvalho Impact of the COVID-19 on rural tourism in Portugal: the stakeholders’ perceptions

550 Dongmei Ren and Dolores Sanchez Aguilera COVID-19 Impacts on Chinese outbound tourism and survival strategy

563 Dolores Sánchez-Aguilera, Angela Martinez-Rivas and Jaime Martinez-Ruiz Gone with the COVID-19. Impacts on tourism business in the neighbourhoods of Barri Gòtic and Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain).

576 Prokopis Christou and Maria Rigou The wellbeing of tourism employees a year after the pandemic outbreak

506 Fabiana Faxina and Flavio Paulo Jorge Nunes Sustainability Assessment of Community-Based Tourism and the recovery from Covid-19 crises


ROOM 2 CRUISE AND MARINE TOURISM, Session Chair: George Skoufas PASS CODE 013510

271 Maria Skordala and Georgios Skoufas Dark tourism and recreational wreck diving: preliminary investigation of a new potential touristic trend

278 Christian Michel, Michel Bockiau, Laurent Berti and Georgios Skoufas Public aquaria and recreational SCUBA divers interactions

294 Daiva Labanauskaite and Ana Timonina-Mickeviciene Development of marina services in the context of sustainable water and coastal tourism

321 Yianna Orphanidou, Leonidas Efthymiou, Paraskevi Dekoulou, Eleftherios Sdoukopoulos, Maria Boile and Vasiliki-Maria Perra Sustainable Restart of the Cruise Industry includes Local Producers in the Supply Chain

345 Susana Rachão, Filipe F. Taveira, Alexandra I. Correia and Goretti Silva What motivates nautical tourists to the littoral northwest, Portugal?

529 Andrew Jenkins and Adam Dennett Herzberg’s Two Factor theory of work motivation: an application to hospitality workers on cruise ships.


ROOM 3 CULTURE AND HERITAGE TOURISM, Session Chair: Theano Terkenli PASS CODE 555386

39 Shufri Johari, Ahmad Albattat, Muhammad Hazmi Abdul Hafiz, Nur Farrah Ain Mahmud and Nur Farrahim Ahmad Fauzi Exploring Melaka Heritage Food: Study on Visitor’s Awareness Towards Baba Nyonya Food

149 Evangelos Kiriakou, Ioannis Valachis, Sasho Korunovski and Giorgos Palisidis Historical paths as a DMO tool for sustainable tourist development: the case of Ho Chi Minh paths in Greece

152 Gulsun Yildirim A New Dimension For Revitalization of Silk Road Tourism: Turkic Council Modern Silk Road Joint Tours

158 Aysen Ertas and Gulsun Yildirim An Investigation of Local Cuisine of Silk Road: The Case of Turkic Council Modern Silk Road Joint Tours

208 Dang Thi Phuong Anh Stakeholders in maintaining event tourism under Covid 19 storm: The case of Vietnam

247 Vasiliki Georgoula and Theano S. Terkenli Implications of Covid-19 pandemic for cultural tourism: the case of Cyclades, Greece


ROOM 4 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Spyridon Mamalis PASS CODE 968969

9 Mitliadis Nikolaou and Ioannis Valachis Destination Management in Central Macedonia, Greece: Launcing a new DMO model

17 Ahmad Albattat, Hary Hermawan, Farah Aida Nordin and Nur Fitri Shareeza Abdul Rahim Local Resident Perception Regarding Intention to Visit for Medical Tourism

21 Elizabeth Abiola-Oke Stimulating Physical Environment for Stronger Positive Customer Experience in Tourism Enterprises for Sustainable Development of tourism

24 Zakiya Alhasni, Zakiya Alhasni and Zakiya Alhasni Destination Management and Development of sustainability-based Tourism in Oman

31 Nurul Farah Izzah Zailani, Ahmad Albattat, Sin Yee Wong, Muhammad Haziq Nazri and Nini Shaliza Mohd Zuraimi Tourist motivation factors towards health and wellness tourism in malaysia

115 Jennifer Kim Lian Chan An analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic impacts on tourism city

174 Süheyla Golcheshmeh Alienation in Tourism: Comparison of Kusadasi and Cappadocia Destinations


ROOM 5 EXPERIENCE DESIGN AND MARKETING, Session Chair: Antonia Delistavrou PASS CODE 378127

163 Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav, Ruturaj Baber, Snigdha Kainthola and Pinaz Tiwari India as a preferred tourist destination: An International Perspective

185 Yuanyuan Zong, Youyu Dai, Tianyu Wu and Danwei Bu Exploring Creative Cultural Tourism Design in “Internet Plus” Era: A Case of Hankou Historic Blocks in Wuhan

214 Kyriaki Anastasiadou, Bojana Cejic, Zafeiroula Kallitsari and Dimitrios Paschaloudis The customer experience through the customer journey of a Greek hotel in Corfu

411 Sandhiya Goolaup A Conceptualization of Sharing in Extraordinary Food Experiences

492 Garyfallos Fragidis An integrated view on the design of smart services in tourism

496 Seda Yetimoğlu and Ferdi Bişkin Visitor Experience in Theme Parks: The Case of Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden, Turkey

386 Luca Buccoliero, Elena Bellio and Livia Luciani Ranier Gaudiosi di Canosa The restaurant experience at the times of coronavirus: the “new normal” between delight and safety.



51 Sathika Dias Dahanayaka, Dr.Ruwan Ranasignhe and Dr.Maduranga Kulathunga Do going green concept and csr activities influence on financial performance? Evidence from sme hotels in sri lanka

56 Romina Radonshiqi and Arch. Enea Stavre The impact of tourism on the labor market during the pandemic in Albania

80 Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, Konstantinos Koronios and Lazaros Ntasis The Association of Environmental and Social Performance to European Hotel Firms’ Default Risk: The Impact of the COVID_19 Crisis

123 Saizal Pinjaman and Marry Tracy Pawan The Relationship between Macroeconomic Factors and Tourism Demand for ASEAN Countries

272 Jose Luis DurÁn-RomÁn, Juan Ignacio Pulido-FernÁndez, Pablo Juan CÁrdenas-GarcÍa and Isabel Carrillo-Hidalgo Tourist tax and willingness to pay in mature destinations: a cluster analysis

162 Viachaslau Filimonau and Vladimir Ermolaev Industrial symbiosis as a novel approach to managing food waste in the hospitality sector after Covid-19



568 Kevser Çınar and Meral İş Content Analysis of TripAdvisor Reviews on Slow-Food Restaurants in Turkey

54 Setiawan Priatmoko, Tutur Wicaksono and Lorant Denes David Winning Digitalization Opportunity in the CBT Business in Indonesia

221 Konstantinos Sakellaridis ICT-Induced Business Model Change in Hotels: The Business Model Evolution Framework

253 Tamer M. Elsawy Determinants of E-Business Usage by Travel Agencies in Developing Countries: A Decision Trees Approach


ROOM 8 HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Stavros Valsamidis PASS CODE 943784

46 Susanthi Obeywardhana and Ruwan Ranasinghe Socio-economic Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Hotel Sector and Way Forward Under New Normal Conditions: Sri Lankan Perspective

175 Kliment Naumov and Ivanka Nestoroska Tourism Issues in North Macedonia in Conditions of Global Pandemic (Tour Guiding Chalenges)

213 Petros Demetriou Hotel Food Waste in Cyprus: A Preliminary Case

228 Mukhles Al-Ababneh Impact of Hotel Service Innovation on Customer Satisfaction from Tourist Perspective

238 Dimitris Kouklos Internet Addiction in Workforces: “An Exploration Through the Eyes of Hospitality Industry Managers”

379 Carolina Silva, Inês Machado, Margarida Matos and Michelle Moraes Tourists’ perceptions and the Smart Hotel concept

499 Adriana Silva Mósca, Ana Gabriela Ribeiro Machado, Beatriz Maria Lopes Nunes, Inês Cristina Gomes Branco, Michelle Moraes and Sofia Lopes Tourists’ preferences related to advanced hotel technologies


ROOM 9 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Mary Constantoglou PASS CODE 936304

18 Ut Lon Im, Ching-Chi Cindia Lam and Erdan Ma The Behavioural Effect of Service Employees under the Pandemic: A case of Macao

32 Christina-Maria Tsakiridou, Charikleia Karanasiopoulou and Georgios Theriou Employer Branding in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Greece: Attracting Talents

249 Işıl Arıkan Saltık Work Values in Tourism: A Comparative Study between Polish and Turkish Students

311 Ali Sukru Cetinkaya The Relationship Between Social Loafing and Knowledge Management

317 Theodoros Stavrinoudis, Moschos Psimoulis and Christos Kakarougkas Classification of HR empowerment methods in hospitality, as presented in the international literature

382 Marilena Mathioudaki, Filotheos Ntalianis and Maria Ntaliani Diversity and Transformational Leadership: A Hotel Study in Crete

398 Persefoni Polychronidou and Xanthippi Chapsa Employee satisfaction in tourism businesses in the prefecture of Halkidiki – An empirical analysis

456 Angela Roberta Leite, Saulo Ribeiro Dos Santos, Joana da Silva Castro Santos, Beatriz Teixeira Fernandes and Aline Ferreira Moraes Employability and pandemic: preliminary analysis in the service sector in São Luís (Maranhão, Brazil)



263 Maria De Lurdes Calisto, Teresa Costa and Victor Alves Afonso Local Governance and Entrepreneurship in Tourism: a comparative analysis

286 Ige Pirnar, Duygu Celebi and Ozan Altın Bibliometric analysis of immigrant entrepreneurship in tourism industry

404 Dioni Elche, Ángela Martínez-Pérez and Pedro M. García-Villaverde The effect of environmental uncertainty on innovation in tourism clusters

425 Ahmet Aslan and Ayhan Karakaş Evaluation of the Burnout Levels of Hotel Employees in Terms of Demographic Variables

528 Karin Högberg Business model innovation as crisis management – a multiple case study




ROOM 1 AIR TRAVEL, Session Chair: Ige Pirnar PASS CODE 968518

138 Gerasimos Kontos, Konstantinos Malagas and Nikitas Nikitakos Assessing Seaplanes Contribution for the Development of Tourism Potential for Greek Islands

141 Konstantinos Koronios, Lazaros Ntasis, Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, Alkistis Papaioannou and Vasilios Giannopoulos The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Tourism Arrivals: Evidence from Greece

336 Vasiliki Kefalidou, Panagiotis Kassianidis, Spyros Avdimiotis and Fotis Kilipiris Safely Navigating the Aviation Industry Recovery: the key for increase the Load Factor

415 Stella Tsifitopoulou, Panagiotis Kassianidis, Spyros Avdimiotis and Fotis Kilipiris Customers and Passengers’ Satisfaction in Conjunction to Governments’ Regulations in Aviation Industry During Health Crisis in Europe

461 Angela Roberta Leite, Saulo Ribeiro Dos Santos, Joana da Silva Castro Santos, Aline Ferreira Moraes and Beatriz Teixeira Fernandes Indications of the resumption tourism in São Luís (Maranhão, Brazil) airport during the year of 2020


ROOM 2 SPECIAL INTEREST TOURISM, Session Chair: Chryssoula Chatzigeorgiou PASS CODE 013510

391 Dustine James Maaño, Leanne Elaica Dimalanta and Victoria Villegas-Bacay Filipino Hilot: Exploring its Opportunities as the Primary Wellness Tourism Product of the Philippines

565 Mykola Petrushenko and Hanna Shevchenko Chornobyl as an object of “green dark tourism”: a view of the experience environmental economy

55 Aikaterini Vassilikopoulou Locals’ Attitudes towards Begpacking: Some Empirical Evidence from Greece

145 Piyumi Perera and Gayanga Rathnayaka Causal Factors in Measuring the Success of Health Tourism In Sri Lanka : A Study Reference to Kandy

366 Nikshitha Shetty and Neepa Premodh Assessing the impact of coastal tourism in Mangalore: A community perspective

581 Athina Papageorgiou and Tsakakis Grigorios, Tourism destination growth through special interest tourism development in the post – COVID era: The case of the Prefecture of Chania


ROOM 3 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Georgios Tsekouropoulos PASS CODE 555386

75 Chidchanok Anantamongkolkul Factor influencing Indian tourist behaviour

89 Panagiwta Boziou, Antonios Katavelos and Georgios Tsekouropoulos Greek students’ eating habits and the effects of gastronomic tourism marketing

132 Khaled Abdo Naji and Haifa Nasser Alsubaie The Impact of Social Media on Consumer behavior in Saudi Arabian Tourism Industry

307 Faiz Izwan Anuar, Ilya Zulaika Zabidi, Ayu Asmanizza Ahmad Zaid and Siti Nurhijanah Ja’Afar Kamal Young Tourists’ Trust in Instagram Travel Influencers and their Intention to Visit Travel Destinations

495 Rafaela Malerba, Elisabeth Kastenholz and Maria João Carneiro Families with children as a market for wine tourism? Insights from a systematic literature review

518 Ourania Gkouna, Ioanna Simeli and Athanasios Gounas Tourist Behavior, Typology and Travel Motivation in Covid-19 Era

243 Milica Luković and Marija Kostić New food tourism demands: Changing tourists nutritional habits revival traditional ethnobotanical knowledge


ROOM 4 COVID 19 AND HOSPITALITY, Session Chair: Panagiota Balaska PASS CODE 968969

7 Alaa Abukhalifeh COVID-19 : Hotel Re – Opening Planning

53 Divya Kushangi and Ruwan Ranasinghe Challenges and Way Forward for Safari Boat Operations under New Normal Condition of COVID 19 Pandemic : The Sri Lankan Experience

57 Enea Stavre and Romina Radonshiqi Investments in the hotel sector in tourism destination during the pandemic in Albania

256 Eirini Thamnidou Reducing perceived health risk to attract hotel customers in the Covid-19 pandemic era: an overview of the current situation in Halkidiki.

300 Alina Badulescu and Simona-Violeta Ardelean Airbnb accommodation and the COVID-19 crisis. An investigation in the city of Oradea, Romania

485 Ana Lucas Directions for the post-COVID-19 restarting management in SMC hotels and restaurants sector

483 Marietta Németh and Petra Dr. Gyurácz-Németh Key performance indicators before and during/after the “COVID-19 times” in the Hungarian hotel sector


ROOM 5 COVID 19 AND TOURISM, Session Chair: Konstantinos Alexandris PASS CODE 378127

273 Muhamad Redito Gea Anjana, Eva Rachmawati and Rinekso Soekmadi The impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on local tourism communities in Indonesia

290 Sandeep Basnyat and Sunil Sharma ‘Perceptual authenticity’: a key to rejuvenating Post-COVID tourism

292 Hasan Ali Erdogan, Ramazan Gunduz and Yılmaz Secim Neolithic way of nourishment in archaeodestinations as a post-COVID 19 tourist attraction: a case of Çatalhöyük

349 Gabriela Antošová, Monika Klímová and Kristýna Vůchová German inbound tourism to the Czech Republic- current situation, support and changes

414 Daryl Ace Cornell and Edgar Allan Mendoza Research Capacities of Philippine Tourism and Hospitality Academics : A Pandemic Perspective

470 Hamza Al-Nawafleh, Estrella Diaz and Rocio Carranza The effect of covid 19 on tourism and how smart technology can deal with negative consequences

515 Anthi Gousiou, Panoraia Poulaki and Maria Lagou Covid-19 Pandemic and Tourism Employees’ Readiness in Greece

558 Ilidia Carvalho Portuguese travel agencies versus current crises


ROOM 6 TOURISM PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT, Session Chair: Alexander Pakhalov PASS CODE 495027

312 Mary Constantoglou and Gesthi Chatziliadou, Putting the sharing economy into perspective. The case of Thessaloniki during the COVID 19 crisis.

326 Konstantinos Giannopoulos, Paris Tsartas and Konstantinos Anagnostelos, A first approach of Greek start-ups, related to Tourism, Culture and Leisure.

339 Peter Vlachos and Vasiliki Komninou, Restarting live events in Greece: An industry analysis of post-pandemic strategies

397 Athanasios Kriemadis and Dimitra Kapnisi, Business excellence methodologies and practices in wellness tourism industry

409 Truong V. Nguyen and Tetsuo Shimizu, Sample size and population total estimation of count data: Application in tourism statistics

433 Vera Antunes, Gisela Gonçalves and Cristina Estevão, Rethinking Thermalism: A Theoretical Reflection On The Importance Of Strategic Communication


ROOM 7 CRUISE AND MARINE TOURISM, Session Chair: Georgios Skoufas PASS CODE 148856

81 Lord Jan Rodiris Environmental Dimension Management and Pro-Environmental Behavior in Coastal Destinations

188 Piyumi Perera and Gayanga Rathnayaka Assessment of Tourists Satisfaction on Destination Attributes of Marine Environment Mammal Tourism: An Example From Mirissa, Sri Lanka

195 Riccardo Spinelli and Clara Benevolo Sailing troubled waters: a systematic review of nautical tourism research

244 Inês Silva, Cristina Barroco and Carla Silva Cruise Tourism: An Overview of Motivations

270 Anastasia Tsirika and Georgios Skoufas Do Posidonia oceanica’s meadows constitute a potential hot spot for Mediterranean recreational SCUBA diving?



267 Surbhi Dayal Towards a Culturally Sustainable Tourism: A Case of Rajasthan

536 Helmuth Yesid Arias Gómez and Gabriela Antošová, A Spatial Perspective Guiding the Specialization in Local Tourism: Case Study Bogotá-Colombia

532 Panagiota Tzouvaleki, Evangelos Christou, and Chryssoula Chatzigeorgiou Management of UNESCOs historic city centers. The motivations of the visitors and the behavior of the stakeholders.

548 Élmano Ricarte Folk tourism in Lisbon: COVID-19 impacts on “Festas de Lisboa” and on its social and cultural contexts

534 Gabriela Antošová and Helmuth Yesid Arias Gómez, Challenges of Kosovo’s enlargement to V4+ in the consequence of coronavirus pandemic situation


ROOM 9 DESTINATION MANAGEMENT, Session Chair: Georgios Theriou PASS CODE 936304

335 Ivanka Nestoroska and Kliment Naumov Covid19 consequences on tourism in North Macedonia –a destination perspective for domestic tourism

368 Fotis Kilipiris and Georgios Palisidis Issues in developing gastronomic destinations in mountainous areas: the case of Mount Paiko, Central Macedonia, Greece.

291 Karin Koziol Adaptive Destination Governance. A new approach for the development of tourism destinations?

88 Athanasios Dimtsis, Ioannis Valachis and Evangelos Kiriakou Destination and City Branding through local gastronomy: the cherry fruits in the city of Edessa

120 Naser Ul Islam and Manjula Chaudhary Impact of tourism attractiveness on the attitudes and behaviours of tourists visiting Kashmir valley, India



29 Ahmad Sayuti Yahya, Ahmad Albattat, Nurul Huda Abd Halim, Shaklin Sania Sahlan and Siti Aishah Kathar Ismail Destination Image of Mamak’s Food and Tourists’ Behavioural Intention in Eating Mamak’s Food in Georgetown, Penang

36 Azizul Jamaludin, Ahmad Albattat, Hermawan Prasetyanto and Nur Ain Syahira Salehuddin Customer Purchasing Intention towards Healthy Selection of Menus in Fast Food Restaurant

41 Muhd Hakim Hamdan, Ahmad Albattat, Siti Aisyah Azizan and Siti Athirah Alias The Awareness Level on Effect of Food Additives among Private University Culinary Arts Students

117 Handan ÖzÇelİk Bozkurt Sustainable Food Approach and The All-Inclusive System Paradox

118 Noelle O’Connor and Anna O’Loan Rewards, motivation and the restaurant industry: an investigation into the impact of rewards on motivation and job satisfaction of frontline employees in the restaurant industry in limerick city (Ireland)


Sunday 23 May 2021




ROOM 1 DESTINATION MARKETING, Session Chair: Maria Salamoura PASS CODE 968518

308 Christina Bonarou “Stay home now, travel later” tourism destination campaigns: good practice narratives and lessons learned

484 Dionysios Paliouras and Katerina Traptsioni Destination Promotion Marketing Mix of Greek Municipalities. The impact on Destination Occupancy Rates and Municipal revenues.

497 Eleftheria Rapti and Gkouna Ourania Crisis Management in Tourism: Visit Intention and Destination Image in Post Covid-19 Crisis Recovery

520 Christos Tsimitris, Athanasios Gounas and Ourania Gkouna Destination branding issues and challenges in Covid- 19 era. The case of municipal unit of Paralia area in Pieria Prefecture

385 Christos Koutsogiannis and Maria Salamoura The role of local government in destination brand image: the case of Municipality of Nafpaktia


ROOM 2 FINANCE AND ECONOMICS OF TOURISM, Session Chair:  George Apostolou PASS CODE 013510

341 Lahorka Halmi and Katarina Poldrugovac Sustainability reporting – what is next?

407 Truong V. Nguyen and Tetsuo Shimizu Covid-19 pandemic and policy responses: Economic impacts from perspectives of the tourism industry

457 Shirley Consuelo Honajzrová Banús and Jonathan Osuoha Trends of Tourism Taxation in Developing Economies During the Coronavirus Crisis.

487 Sakib Bin Amin, Syeda Taiyeba Islam, Farhan Khan and Faria Manal Rahman A Critical Analysis on Reviving the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Bangladesh after Covid-19

564 Silvana Serrão, Rui Costa, Jorge Mota, António Moreira and Carlos Costa Performance Indicators for the wine tourism industry



383 Argiro Sardi, Filotheos Ntalianis and Maria Ntaliani Current Status of Greek Hotel Associations’ Websites

418 Syarifah Muslimat and Maya Damayanti ICT application in the new normal order: challenges for a tourism village

429 Ustijana Shikoska and Gordana Petrovska-Rechkoska Smart Solutions for Tourism development, Big Data Analytics & Security

554 Ermelinda Kordha Tolica Digitization and Tourism projects in Western Balkans – Covid 19 solutions and Heritage Tourism development.



22 Daniela Freund, Mireia Canut-Cascalló and María López-Planas Do women entrepreneurs face gender-based barriers in Barcelona’s tourism sector?

44 Leen Albattat and Ooi Boon Keat Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication Barriers Among PR Practitioners in Malaysia

129 Vincent Grèzes Strategies of Companies Facing Client and Resources Limitations: Innovation Patterns Analysis

250 Alkistis Papaioannou and Konstantinos Koronios The impact of Business Practices on Business Performance: Empirial Evidence from Tourism and Hospitality Industry

260 Arthur Huang and Jorge Ridderstaat Linking consumer spending to COVID-19 news: The US experience


ROOM 5 MARKETING IN TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY, Session Chair: Gilda Hernandez-Maskivker PASS CODE 378127

332 Gilda Hernandez-Maskivker Influencer Marketing in the tourism industry

351 Luigi Piper, Maria Irene Prete, Lucrezia Maria De Cosmo and Gianluigi Guido Heritage personality as determinants of destination loyalty and the mediating role of satisfaction.

400 Ourania Vitouladiti and Dionysia Petropoulou Greek tourism and new market segments. The case of Spain and Latin America. Marketing implications

403 Mahmoud Alghizzawi, Mohammed Habes and Mazuri Abd.Ghani The impact of digital health marketing ads on tourism in Jordan

427 Jay Bryan Gasque, Lourdes Lucille Ordoveza and Victoria Villegas-Bacay The Shopping and Destination Attributes That Make A Destination Attractive: The Case of Taytay Tiangge

442 Long Pham Hong, Toai Nguyen Cong and Trang Pham Huong The Evaluation of Mu Cang Chai Brand Equity from the Domestic Tourists’ Perspectives



327 Eleni Mavragani and Sofia Avramidou, The ethical dimension of cultural heritage tourism: The case of Hagia Sophia

343 Pedro Ricardo Coelho de Azevedo, The image and attractiveness of the Ways of Saint James in the interior north of Portugal

374 Panagiota Kefala, Tourism & Unidentified Cultural Heritage in Thessaloniki. Bulgarians, Serbs, Russians, Romanians.

476 Christos Petreas and Vasileios Tzerpos, Enhancing the Attraction for Special Interest Tourism in Greece with Religious and Pilgrimage Routes

314 Eleni Dinaki, Dark tourism in thessaloniki: the chances of cemetery and ghost tourism


ROOM 7 SERVICE QUALITY IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Yianna Orphanidou PASS CODE 148856

156 Athina Nella and Ioannis Chatzigiaktsidis, Wine tourism in the region of Central Macedonia: perceptions of wine consumers and winery owners

210 Aristeidis Chatzipoulidis, George Kokkinis and Theodoros Kargidis  Benchmarking e-tourism

305 Nagihan Cakmakoglu Arici, Examining hotel customers’ perception and satisfaction in a pandemic using user-generated contents

331 Maria Grazia Bellizzi, Laura Eboli, Carmen Forciniti and Gabriella Mazzulla, Cycling for a sustainable tourism: a preliminary study in an urban area of Italy

466 Angela Roberta Lucas Leite, Saulo Ribeiro Dos Santos, Aline Ferreira Moraes, Hudson Bianckinni Serra Gusmão and Julia Cristina Lucas Leite, Motivations and Expectations of Participants in a Tourism Online Courses in Maranhão, Brazil



37 Vahit Oguz Kiper, Ömer Saraç and Orhan Batman, Drought Tourism: Does Tourism Have a Role on Depletting Water Supply?

67 Meenu Pathirana and Ruwan Ranasinghe, Identifying Environmental and Social Degradation due to Tourism: Stakeholder Perspective on Sustainable Industry Practices

84 Velan Kunjuraman, Livelihoods diversification through community-based ecotourism: a case of sabah, malaysian borneo

211 Alba Viana-Lora and Marta Gemma Nel·lo-Andreu, In search of tourism research that generates social impact

232 Sayan Bhattacharya, Arkajyoti Shome and Avirup Datta, Socio-environmental survey and sustainable management of an ecotourism hamlet situated in Darjeeling district, India


ROOM 9 TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY EDUCATION, Session Chair: Dimitrios Paschaloudis PASS CODE 936304

47 Jenika Fernando, Ruwan Ranasinghe and Jayathree Herath, Can elephant- based volunteer tourism be promoted in Sri Lanka

114 Aleksandra Prodanovic Stamenovic, Zoran A. Ristic, Milosava Matejevic, Milutin Kovacevic, Igor Pongijer and Vladimir Markovic, Hunting tourism education in Serbia

202 Maria Papathanasiou, Nikolaos Trihas and Konstantinos Tsilimpokos, Foreign languages across the tourism and hospitality curriculum in Greece: Students’ views and perceptions

235 Nga P T. Nguyen and Phan T. Trinh, Scenario for training human resources for tourism to adapt to change in post-Covid 19 in Vietnam

282 Tam Minh Nguyen, Phuong Lan Thi Nguyen and Nhan Thanh Ho, Educational tourism : the antecedents of satisfaction and loyalty

362 Rupinder Kaur and Babul Thomas Gomes, The COVID 19 impacts on the post-secondary institutions on Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) International Students – A case study at Acsenda School of Management, Vancouver, Canada.

491 Elena Stiubea and Alina Badulescu, The Spatial Impact of Airbnb in three cities: Vienna, Paris and Barcelona



14 Marco Martins, Ricardo Guerra and Lara Marisa Santos, Rethinking Tourism Planning and Development in a Post COVID-19 World – An exploratory study

125 Michał Żemła, Home-sharing and overtourism in the eyes of residents of a tourism city – the case of Cracow, Poland

212 Thashneem Bhanu and Prasanna Kumar, Exploratory Study on Wine Tourism of Karnataka

236 Asif Hussain and Francesc Fusté-Forné, Conscious travel paradigm and the future of tourism: The case of regenerative tourism

259 Trinh Le Anh and Nguyen Duy Thanh, Impact of festivals management on tourism product development. Evidence in vietnam

265 Jorge Coelho and Filipe Costa, Requalification of public spaces and tourism development: the case of Vizela – Northern Portugal


11:00-11:30 Break



All plenary sessions (opening ceremony, keynote speeches, executive panel discussion, presentation of destinations) will be accessible though live streaming at:


11:30-12:00 Keynote Speech:Inclusive Tourism – critique, challenges and opportunities in Africa”

Judy Kepher Gona, Founder and Director, Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda – STTA Consulting, Kenya

Live streaming at:


12:00-12:30 Keynote Speech:Reflecting on the Importance of Religious Tourism: Impact of COVID-19 on Pilgrimage, Spirituality and Motivation”

Razaq Raj, Principal Lecturer for Research and Enterprise in Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

Live streaming at:


12:30-13:30 Live Guiding Experience of Athens: Strolling around my authentic Athens, by Dimitria Papadopoulou, Certified Tourist Guide and Accredited National Trainer

Has it ever happened to you to walk alongside the same street every day without really “seeing” what is around you? Being able to “see things from inside” is a capacity that we can practice together. If you haven’t ever “seen” Athens, or if you want to “see” the same things through different eyes, explore the city accompanied by Dimitria on her virtual live streaming tour in Plaka and around the Acropolis hill.

Live streaming at:




ROOM 2 SOCIAL MEDIA IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Costas Assimakopoulos PASS CODE 013510

42 Zoe Charis Belenioti, Covid19 resilience via digital cultural heritage: Digital life in museums and festivals during the anthropause

172 Fernando Toro Sanchez, Study of Language-segmented based on TripAdvisor reviews related to the memorable tourist experience.

186 Elina Gavriljuk, Franziska Thiele, Hannes Thees and Natalie Olbrich, Towards Digital Value Creation in German Tourism – Obstacles, Processes and Tools

217 Aarni Tuomi, Evaluating the ‘Humanness’ of Computer-Generated Fake Restaurant Reviews

242 Ani Wijayanti and Erlangga Brahmanto, The Weakness of YouTube as a Tourism Promotion Tool During the Covid-19

257 Naïma Aïdi, Do “anti-tourism” protests affect tourist experience? Online reviews’ evidence in the smart city of Barcelona

258 Alexandra Correia and Catarina Ferreira, An Instagram content analysis: Braga, the best European destination 2021 in northern Portugal



43 Eleni Anoyrkati, Theopistos Kenanidis and Kostas Alexandris, Achieving sustainable sports tourism by adopting sustainable mobility practices: the case of London Olympics

63 Laura Gisbert-Enrique, Antonio Vidal-Matzanke and Pablo Vidal-González, Women in the last of the male domain: Opinions of an expert panel

103 Thomas Karagiorgos, Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Apostolia Ntovoli and Kostas Alexandris, Managing service quality in an international sport event: the case of Oceanman-openwater series

255 Panagiota Balaska, Thomas Karagiorgos and Kostas Alexandris, Profiling runners of a city sport event: The case of the “Alexander the Great” international marathon

301 Marijana Đurađević and Darko Dimitrovski   Revisiting revisit intention of rafting sporting event EVENTQUAL

387 Sarthak Sengupta, Apoorva Dhuria and Anurika Vaish, A Study on Dream11 Gaming Platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic

464 Kyriaki Ananiadou and Sofoklis Skoultsos, Small scale events and destinations: The Case of three sport events in Greece



283 Dwiesty Dyah Utami, Wawan Dhewanto, Yuliani Dwi Lestari and Dina Dellyana, Rural tourism entrepreneurship for sustainable rural tourism

333 Ilias Koufiotis, Alexandra Chazlari and Alexandros Makris, Agritourism as a significant alternative of tourism in Greece during Covid-19 pandemic era.

337 Stella Kostopoulou and Evangelia Stergiou, Covid-19 pandemic and regional tourism vulnerability. The case of Greek Regions

561 Gianluca Goffi, The Potential of Sustainable Tourism for Poor Communities in Salvador de Bahia


ROOM 6 TOURISM PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT, Session Chair: Christina Bonarou PASS CODE 495027

434 Iwona Pomianek, Katarzyna Gralak, Irena Ozimek and Joanna Rakowska, Accommodation base and tourist traffic in Poland in a regional perspective in 2005-2019

498 Supriya Bhutiani, Hosting & Attending Non- mega,Covid-19 secure , socially distanced tourism events in urban cities: considerations,opportunities,challenges and solutions.

534 Gabriela Antošová and Helmuth Yesid Arias Gómez, Challenges of Kosovo´s enlargement to V4+ in the consequence of coronavirus pandemic situation

557 Dorothea Kerefiadou and Panagiota Kyriakidou, Digital nomads tourism in Greece:current issues and prospects for development

45 Arosha Shanaka and Ruwan Ranasighe, Can Stilt Fishing be Developed as a Recreational Tourism Activity? Challenges and Opportunities

233 Junfeng Shi and Éva Erdélyi, Film-Induced Tourism: The Role of Chinese Tourists’ Preference in Destination Development


ROOM 7 TRAVEL AND LEISURE, Session Chair: Kaat De Ridder PASS CODE 148856

133 Bình Nghiêm-Phú, Thu Hương Kiều and Thị Thu Trang Hoàng, Leisure activities and life satisfaction: A study of the quantity and quality aspects of leisure activities

204 Maria Klouvidaki and Georgia Zouni, ‘The travel behaviour of vegetarians and vegans. How the market can attract them as tourists’: The case of Greece as a travel destination for vegans and vegetarians

436 Daryl Ace Cornell, Lenis Aislinn Separa and Celso Jovy Torreon, Developing Divisoria as shopping tourism destination amidst Covid-19

524 Sebastjan Repnik and Gabriela Antošová, Corporate security in tourism – the example of Slovenia

342 Burcu Koç, New priorities influencing the travel decision: Can VFR travel get a leading role after the pandemic?



ROOM 9 WINE AND GASTRONOMY TOURISM, Session Chair: Theodosios Tsiakis PASS CODE 936304

405 Liao Wei, Present the wine and heritage tourism of Spain to Chinese cultural tourists: Cases of Priorat and Ribeira Sacra

419 Juliana Meneses, Cristina Barroco and Carla Silva, Gastronomic Tourism and New Paths

454 Francinete da Silva Guilherme, Alessandra Souza Queiroz Melo and Adriana Brambilla, Gastronomy and cultural tourism in João Pessoa-PB / Brazil: appreciation and post-pandemic recovery

389 Diana Teresa Guimarães Lopes Cunha, Elisabeth Kastenholz and Carla Silva, Profiling Portuguese wine tourists: Demographics, travel behavior and wine involvement

393 Lúcia Pato, Diana Cunha, Conceição Cunha and Elisabeth Kastenholz, Women in the lead of wine tourism: How do women differ from men in leadership activities in two Portuguese wine routes?


ROOM 10 CRIME AND CORRUPTION IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Chryssoula Chatzigeorgiou PASS CODE 575761

34 Georgios Triantafyllou, Eirini Strataki and Michail Volyrakis The influence of spatial infrastructure on resort hotel crime. A case study in Crete

38 Thandokazi L. Mbane and Ikechukwu O. Ezeuduji Tourists’ safety in Cape Town Townships, South Africa.

364 Harjit Singh and Babul Thomas Gomes British Columbia Hotel Association’s roles and responsibilities in putting an end to human trafficking, Canada.

582 Ioanna Simeli and Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Corruption in public sector and its influence on sustainable tourism development




15.00 16.00 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Cultural tourism in the post Covid era 

Live streaming at:

Moderated by: Dimitria Papadopoulou, Doctor of Communication and Mass Media (University Paris Est), Accredited Tourist Guide Trainer (WFTGA)


  • Efi Kalampoukidou, ExCo President of European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG), Accredited Tourist Guide Trainer, Certified Tourist Guide (Greece)
  • Giannis Koutoulias, Head of Acropolis Museum’s Educational Programs Department, Curator of the Museum of Asia Minor Civilisation of Aigaleo
  • Banafsheh Farahani, Doctor of Tourism Business and Marketing, World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) Training Committee Member
  • İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Foreign Relations and Tourism





49 Mohamed Abou-Shouk, Nagoua Zoair and Emadeddin Abuelenain How ready are customers to re-travel for tourism? Insights from the UAE and Egypt

52 Thushan Hansaka, Ruwan Ranasinghe and Dhananjaya Nawarathana Determinants of MICE Tourism Promotion in Sri Lanka: A Management Perspective

131 Cenk Murat Koçoğlu and Emrah Yaşarsoy The Role of Marketing Mix Elements in Destination Choice: The Case of Safranbolu

220 Bintang Handayani and Maximiliano E Korstanje Dark and Black Branding: A proposed Conceptualization

358 Amanda Papanagiotou Experiential marketing of luxury hotels at the post- Pandemic period

392 Ourania Vitouladiti and George Apostolopoulos The additional three Ps of Marketing Mix as a tool for the evaluation of hospitality products and services

448 Long Hong Pham, Trang Huong Pham, Dao Thi Xuan Truong and Tam Thanh Nguyen Value co-creation in branding: A systematic review toward tourism perspective


ROOM 2 SERVICE QUALITY IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Maria Argyropoulou PASS CODE 013510

15 Maria Greasidou and Ioannis Valachis, The role of HRM in service quality of hotel business

27 Fathmath Muna, S. M. Ferdous Azam and Ahmad Albattat, Analyse the Recruitment and Selection Theories and Practical Implications of Civil Service Sector

361 Vipan Sheemar and Dr. Babul Thomas Gomes, A Cross Analysis of House Keeping Department Towards to the Guest Satisfaction. A Case Study, JW Marriot and Fairmount Hotel in Vancouver

417 Pallabi Mishra and Debiprasad Dash, Effect of Service Quality on Brand Sustainability: Tourists’experience of three star hotels

535 Spyridon Nikologiannis, The degree of utilization of local products as a means of the developments of tourism: case study of the Municipality of Meteora


ROOM 3 SOCIAL MEDIA IN TOURISM, Session Chair: Hannes Thees PASS CODE 555386

274 Antonios Giannopoulos, Christina Giakoumaki, Anastasia Pantazi, Ioannis Assiouras, Eleni Mavragani and George Skourtis, Online Travel Inspiration in an unstable world: Balancing Risks and Desires in the Covid-19 era

293 Elena Bellio and Francesca Checchinato, Not only the picture to foster tourism: the interplay role of destination area hashtags on Instagram posts

375 Theodosios Tsiakis and Eleni Anagnostou, Connecting with consumers. The role of communicative technologies in wine tourism value co-creation

468 Ifigeneia Mylona, Dimitrios Amanatidis, Irene Kamenidou and Spyridon Mamalis, Mining textual and imagery Instagram data for the top Greek national chains hotel

475 Vaishnavi Ramanujam and Prem Kumar, Role of TripAdvisor in influencing international tourists: A case study of Puducherry, India

479 Sofia Maria Poulimenou and Ioannis Deliyannis, Reinventing tourism experiences via smart gamified applications: the cases of Old Corfu Town and Kilkis



72 Sofia Gkarane and Chris Vassiliadis, Exploring professionals perceptions on seasonality and sport events: a qualitative study of Kissavos Mountain Race

190 Ziye Shang, Jian Ming Luo and Richong Zhang, A text mining of the hikers’ online reviews – the case of the Mutianyu Great Wall

388 Apostolia Ntovoli, Thomas Karagiorgos, Konstantinos Konstantinidis and Konstantinos Alexandris, Recreational sports in an urban environment: Opportunities and Constraints for sport tourism development

459 Konstantinos Konstantinidis, Thomas Karagiorgos, Kostas Alexandris and Apostolia Ntovoli, The role of event personality on the development of brand involvement: the case of Oceanman open-water events

488, Christina Avloniti, Georgia Yfantidou, Charilaos Kouthouris and George Costa, The development of a sports city as a tourist attraction

513 Christos Petreas and Achilleas E. Tzimas, An assessment of leisure sport activities of tourists during the pandemic – Case Study Rhodes



113 Noelle O’Connor and Carina Boufford, An examination of the role that strategic marketing plans play to encourage the return of tourists throughout the recovery phase of destinations impacted by terrorism

218 Min Liao, Research on the Influences of Tourism on the Process of Local Urbanization in Western Regions Taking Heavenly Pond in Tianshan Scenic Spot of Xinjiang Province as an Example

420 Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi and Hannes Antonschmidt, An Overview on Risk Management Practices in Hospitality Organizations in Germany

469 Vanessa Guerra-Lombardi and Raúl Hernández-Martín, Tourism dependence, diversification and smart specialization

486 Aafreen Ali, R.S.S.S. Harsha and Raja Shekhar Bellamkonda, Luxury hotels’ Customer complaints: A comparative study of review attributes using text mining



512 Athanasios Gounas, Achilleas Papatsimpas, Ourania Gkouna and George Apostolou, Covid-19 on tourists’ consumption behaviour and motivation

537 Christos Petreas, Korina Liouta and Michalis Verykios, Evaluating accessible tourism development issues for an action plan for Greece

538 Francisco José Chamizo-Nieto, Sergio Reyes-Corredera, Nuria Nebot-Gómez de Salazar and Carlos Rosa-Jiménez, Indicators to measure touristification processes of urban areas. Case studies in the Mediterranean coast

570 Nidhi Yadav and Sonu Goyal, Time to reconsider governance of restaurant partners by online food delivery platforms in post pandemic era


ROOM 7 TOURISM PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT, Session Chair: Nikolaos Iason Koufodontis PASS CODE 148856

446 Rui Costa, José Silva and Diana Morais, Tourism as a key driver of the development process in low-density territories

455 Da Huynh, Nhan Nguyen, Long Duong, Tung Nguyen, Thuy Truong and Canh Dao, During and after the Covid-19: resiliencies and solutions for tourism development in an emerging city

494 Eleni Gaki and Nikolaos Iason Koufodontis, Regional Tourism Resilience and Recovery in Times of Crises

546 Andris Klepers and Anne Hardy, Tracking technology for nature-based tourism planning and development: lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis.

560 Madina Ibragimova and Khusen Ibragimov, The determinants of outbound educational tourism in Uzbekistan

567 Paulo Marques, Tourism and social change in Alfama: is the Covid-19 pandemic an opportunity to save the Lisbon soul?


ROOM 8 WINE AND GASTRONOMY TOURISM, Session Chair: Georgios Triantafyllou PASS CODE 943784

11 Oksana Bairachna and Iryna Krupitsa, Safety during enogastronomic tourism on the example of the Odessa region

130 Sandra Grèzes-Bürcher and Vincent Grèzes, Designing a sustainable, circular culinary system – The case of the tourism region of Valais, Switzerland

134 Georgios Triantafyllou, Maria Eftychia Apostolaki, Natalia Farsari, Eirini Strataki and Evangelos Taliouris, The tourism development in the municipality of Μalevizi in Crete, by promoting the consumption of the local products in the hospitality industry.

155 Adam Viljoen and Martinette Kruger, That old saying about wine and age: Identifying cohort preferences

266 Aditya Ranjan, Shweta Chandra and Nimit Chowdhary, Linking food and beverage tourism to social capital in rural communities

150 Chrysoula Poriazi, George Karavasilis, Vasiliki Vrana and Evangelos Kehris Food influencers on Instagram: the user viewpoint




18:30-19:00 Keynote Speech: “Centring Care: Possibilities for Minimising Harm in Tourism Post-vaccine”

Karla Boluk, Associate Professor, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada

Live streaming at:


19:00-19:30 Keynote Speech: “The role of technology in Managing Tourism Organizations during the pandemic era”

Cihan Cobanoglu, McKibbon Endowed Chair Distinguished Professor, Director of M3 Center & Coordinator of International Programs for the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of South Florida, U.S.A.

Live streaming at:


19:30-20:00 Closing Ceremony & Presentation of Awards

Live streaming at: